Mono Export in Cubase 10

Unlike previous version even 9.5 , there is no option to export mono either single or mixed multiple tracks. Is there different way to do this or such feature is not teher is Cubase 10 and why?


Look in the “Advanced Options” area of the mixdown dialog. I don’t know if this feature is included in all versions of Cubase and you did not mention which version of Cubase you have.

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Thanks Prock

I don’t think advance audio engine option in Cubase 10 has mono export feature like previous version 9.5.

I am not sure why such feature is not given.

Any one knows about this ? Please guide through.




The pic @GiovanniB posted shows it is there. You said you “don’t think” it has the feature. Have you actually clicked on the dropdown arrow to see? Also, again, you have not said what version of Cubase you have. Maybe your version does not have this feature?

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