Mono Exporting and Stereo Pan Law - I'm not getting it

So I’ve been creating some samples, Stereo Pan Law was set to 0db.

I’d set up an interesting workflow where I had external FX plugins on groups which I was sending tracks to for external processing. the groups though I was not monitoring directly - no output bus assigned. Instead, I created audio tracks with their input bus receiving signal from the group and I it is these audio tracks I used to monitor the return signal with their monitoring turned on, and I would do audio-export of these audio tracks while they were in monitor to get a print.

These mono prints rendered at equal volume when in 0db panlaw.

But, if I then did a normal export of an audio track with an event on it just in normal mode, with input monitoring off… It seems, the mono export accounted for my panlaw setting and the mono print was then louder than what it originally was…

I don’t even understand, why when exporting mono batch files whichever way, why it would take into account panlaw?

Trying to wrap my head around it, but wanting to make sure I’m not trying to wrap my head around a bug. :laughing: