Mono external effect as channel insert problems.

Hi, I’m trying to create mono external insert for a channel in Nuendo 6. I was able to create a mono external effect in the connections window and prove that it’s passing signal in and out. I was able to insert it on a channel, but it only effects the left side of the output of a mono channel! I open the routing tab for the insert on that channel and it will allow me to break the connection on the right side, route the signal to the right side while losing the left side, but I cant find a way have it effect both sides of my mono channel(?) Why are there two sides in a mono channel?

Obviously, the work around is to create a mono output in the mixer, route that to your hardware insert, then record the output of your hardware into another channel. But that is certainly not a very elegant solution…

I think your channel must be stereo, even though it might contain mono material. Mono channels don’t have a L and R side in the insert routing editor. Try and create a new track and make sure you select MONO. Try inserting your mono external insert and see what it does.



Any news?

Thank you… Absolutely correct. I thought I created that track by dragging the file from the pool, but somehow I must have put it on an existing track. Issue solved, user error again… =D

Glad you solved it… Happens to the best of us :slight_smile: