Mono External FX on Mono Track sounds only left side

Hey all,

Heres the setup:
Mono audio track
External FX insert
Audio Connections setup for mono fx send and return on same channel (out on 5, in on 5)
Insert sending to Antelope Discrete 4 Control panel for DSP FX

Audio gets to Antelope control lan, and the the audio hits the FX, but the mono only sounds from the left-side and from the mono interface input channel 1. Not the send return. There is no active metering back in Cubase for this channel unless the insert is bypassed.

Super stummped.

Cubase 10 Pro, Windows 10, Antelope Audio Discrete 4 SC


Is the External FX bus made as Mono? Could you add a screenshot, please?

Thanks i found the problem. There was a duplicate track being routed through a stereo monitoring channel in the Antelope Control Panel. Works as advertised now.