Mono In playback too loud while recording

My goal is to lower the playback volume of the Mono 1 input WHILE I’m recording without lowering the volume cubase records. To clarify, I’m recording new tracks on a project with existing tracks. The existing tracks have already been modified for quality and dynamics (EQ, compression, etc.). I like “prettying up” tracks before recording new tracks so the audio sounds better for me to play over. However, because part of this means adding compression, the existing tracks are lower in volume. When I record the new track, it is at too high volume because it hasn’t been equalized or compressed, and I can’t hear the other tracks. I would like to make it so the volume I HEAR from Mono In is lower (or muted) in the headphones, but records at the same volume so that it plays back loud. If possible I’d like to do this without mixing down and playing existing tracks through an external software (for no cubase playback) because that gets tedious with many tracks on a project.
HP Spectre Gaming Laptop (Windows 10), Yamaha Audiogram 6 Audio Interface (recording via microphones)
Already Tried:
-muting or lowering Mono In in the mixer: this makes it so nothing records or the recording is quieter, and for some reason I still hear it playing back in the headphones while Mono In is muted.
-muting or lowering the tracks Mono In is recording to: this does nothing except during post-recording playback.

Unfortunately you don’t mention what version of Cubase you are using. But if it’s Pro it might be a good idea to use the Control Room and set up cue mix so you can select the channels you want to hear and set the level of playback at your preferred level.
If not you will probably have to use the direct monitoring of the Yamaha. Most interfaces will let you set this monitoring level separately for each input channel.

I’m using cubase elements 9

and unfortunately its a very simple interface so I don’t have control over the monitor levels

It is usually the other way around in that tracks with compression and EQ are louder so the mics seem quiet…Are you sure you have the stereo out at unity gain? And the mixers USB monitor channel at 10?

If there is no way to change this in the mixer or it’s software then I’d suggest you stick a limiter on the Cubase stereo out and raise the gain there…and think about upgrading your interface to something with monitoring

You simply need to turn down the Cubasr audio track fader. The recording level has nothing to do with the recording level. If the level does not frop, your probably monitoring tjrough your interface.

Even with Cubase Elements, you have several possibilities to control the monitoring level