mono mixes?

i’ve been using cubase essetial 5 for a while now, but today when i tried to work on a mix, all the reverbs were mono and when i tried to add a send effect you can’t hear the effect. anybody have any idea of what’s going on?

Correct ASIO driver? VST Connections? Output routing of the tracks?

my driver and vst connections are fine. forgive me for asking such a noob question, but how can i tell if my output routing is ok?
edit: other songs i’ve done have nothing wrong with the stereo reverb.

For sends, there’s a little blue dot that is really a mix slider right below the selection window. Did you increase that via click-drag? The reverbs you say are mono, are they inserted on mono tracks?

yeah, i had the sends up so that wasn’t it. the reverbs are used as a send which always gives me stereo effects on mono tracks (nothing new there, mind you).

Sorry, but I’m confused. First you say mono, then stereo. What’s the output routing of the FX channel. Can you post screenshots of VST Connections-FX window and the Inspector of the FX Channel in the project window?

Does a new project have the same behavior?