Mono Mixes


While I most of the time use the all-flexible software monitoring, by creating Aux channels in Logic, sometimes would like to use direct monitoring via dspMixFx. This would be especially useful with singers and percussionists, always very sensitive to even the minimal amount of latency in their monitors or headphones.

Unfortunately, dspMixFx lacks mono mixes, or in alternative traditional Aux sends on each input channel. What we have on a UR824 is a set of four stereo mixes; with the first one already in use for driving the main outs (Analog Outs 1-2 on the audio interface), and maybe a second one used for control room monitoring (Analog Outs 3-4), we are left with only two (stereo) monitor sends – or no more than three, if we don’t use control room monitors.

Monitoring on stage is usually done in mono, and with more than two or three monitors. Take for example the typical rock ensemble:

  1. lead vocals
  2. left guitar/bk vocals
  3. right guitar/bk vocals
  4. bass
  5. drums
  6. keyboards

Maybe you can simplify the setup in something like this:

  1. lead vocals
  2. left guitar/bk vocals/keyboards
  3. right guitar/bk vocals/bass
  4. drums

Still, there are too few stage monitor busses in dspMixFx.

It would be great if we could also have mono mixes, maybe by unlinking the stereo mixes, increasing the number of available stage monitor busses. Incidentally, this would also be great for creating external effects sends/inserts.