Mono Mixing

What are you guys doing to mix in MONO when needed? It should be a simple thing to put that on the main out but its not there, S1 has it though. I like to mix and check in MONO often. Very useful feature

Is there a plugin you guys use to accomplish this?


Control room and a regular mono output works just dandy in Nuendo.
No need to reinvent the wheel IMHO.

For what delivery format do you specifically mix in mono?

No specific delivery format per se, I just like to check my mixes in mono and a lot of times do my mix in mono then switch it to stereo at the end.

ill check out the control room, Ive never needed the control room here though

Same here. If you use Cubase- Control room it has a kind of mono switch.
“Select next down-mix preset”. If you haven’t add a preset the mix goes automatically into mono. You can connect that functionality to a hardware button too. You can also make a monitor in mono.

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I use Ozone on the master bus for this purpose.

You can put the stereo tool on and hit the mono button… I use kmeter which has a mono button… Cubase does have the tool included to check in mono.