mono or stereo track sign in mixconsole?


I used to check if a track is mono or stereo on the mixer at the top of the channel, but now I can’t find a sign of mono or stereo … is it somewhere or was it removed? If there’s no way to quickly see, please put the little cirlces sign beside the numbers at the bottom of each channel. Thx


im not at my daw at the mo but if you go to the bottom of the project page to the left and click on track settings is it not in there to select anymore? not sure if it will put the icons in the mixer now with the redesign of mixer so yes id love to know this as well , will check later


Hey John,

Let me know if you find out!

i hate to say it but this function has gone ,no more mono /stereo icons in the track selection or mixer … ?

Create a mono output buss and use the CR and MixConvert.

I am seeing a mono monitor in the CR though - and it is not a created buss either (Outputs are 5.1 with 2 Child Busses and Studio section has just 5.1 & 2.0 monitors set up)
See screengrab: