mono outs

has anything been said about upcoming mono outs?

Nothing unfortunately.

Bump, I really hope they incorporate this soon.


Me too! I miss the mono outs from Halion 3 REALLY badly when dealing with drum loops, vocals and percussion. It really is a pain having to do everything in stereo then screw around in Cubase later to center the panning and load plugins according to the panning state before I can properly hear what I am after. Halion 3 was wondering like this, set a mono output and bam, all drums etc just sounding ‘right’ and centered like they should be. This allowed me to use mono versions of my UAD plugins saving DSP usage as well as maintaining the sound I am after without phasing and other weird anomalies by putting stereo plugins on center panned stereo tracks when they should be mono.

Halion 4 really should incorporate a few mono outs to be used, or even better yet, have a dedicated button on the Halion mixer to switch output from mono to stereo on the fly, just like Cubase USED to have. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!?! You wouldn’t need to choose a mono output directly, just switch the channels output to mono with a button on the strip in the mixer and you are done.

Having recently read the Halion 4 operation manual, its even mentioned that Sonar 9 has access to mono outputs! :angry:

Taken from Page 162
“Sonar allows to activate all outputs either in mono or stereo.”

I’m pretty sure Cubase 6 can have the same functionality. Steinberg can you address this?

no way! So it is DAW dependent?! I know Halion 3 had actual mono outs and it didn’t matter which Cubase version you were using to get that, so something could be done on Halion’s end to get proper and dedicated mono outs. If they don’t want to incorporate a listing for mono outs, why not put a button on the channels fader of the Halion 4 mixer to allow us to switch back and forth from mono to stereo and vise versa, like older versions of Cubase had and like the control room of Cubase currently has.