Mono Recording w/ stereo effects - workflow help?

I’ve recorded mono vocals on a mono track, but now I want to add stereo insert effects and I’m stuck. I believe any insert I add to a mono audio track will remain in mono, so if I were to add for the ease of hearing it and “autopan” effect as an insert on a mono track, nothing will happen. However if I create a new stereo track, drag the mono audio file to it, and then add the autopan effect I can clearly hear it.

Now here is the rub. On my audio track I have recorded multiple takes, and once I comp together my favorite performance I add a new TrackVersion with just this performance on it. So all my mono tracks have at least 2 track versions; v1 = all my recorded takes (incase I need to switch out a take later) , and v2 = my comp as a single audio file.

So work flow wise, what is the easiest method of transfering my mono vocals into stereo tracks? Right now I’m adding new stereo tracks and then manually going to the mono track, choosing trackversion 1, and copying and pasting, then switch to v2 on the stereo track, going back to the mono track, choosing trackversion 2, going back to the stereo and pasting, etc. I wish Cubase had that Logic functionality where each plugin had the ability to go from mono -> stereo.

any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

When I record guitar to a mono track, and want to add stereo effects to it, I create a group track for the effects, then route the audio track to that. But I guess it could be somewhat ‘clunky’ if you have many mono tracks…

Easy… record your mono audio source to a stereo track. It still records as a mono file but your stereo effects will work. For me… I don’t have any reason to record my mono audio sources to mono tracks. I always record to a stereo track.

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Another option if you already recorded is simply to create a new stereo track and drag the mono audio to it.

Thanks guys! You have given me many options to explore! I guess there is no easy way to duplicate a mono track to stereo with all its track versions? Is the only option to manually open each version and copy and paste them to the new tracks? Maybe I can figure out a clever macro…

You could create lanes from track versions, copy the whole lot and turn them back to track versions.

Project/Track versions/Create lanes from versions
Project/Track versions/Create versions from lanes