how come Cubase is still one of the few DAWs that doesnt have Mono --> Stereo conversion in it. It is a real pain using stereo plug-ins with mono tracks. Why are you making me have an extra FX or group track in my already cluttered session just to be able to apply a panning effect to a mono guitar?

  • I should be able to drag&drop a mono file onto stereo audio tracks and just have it act as a double mono
  • I should be able to drag&drop two mono audio files onto a stereo track and automatically have a normal stereo track instead of having to rebounce two mono tracks into a stereo one
  • I should be able to split up a stereo track by dragging it onto two mono tracks.
  • I should be able to choose between putting a double mono or stereo plugin on a mono/stereo track and choose to have different independent settings for both left and right.

Pro Tools has done this for years and I really wish you would do this as well.