Mono/Stereo External FX

It’s currently impossible to configure two mono outboard processors to be used/selectable from within Cubase as EITHER one mono OR dual mono processors. Eg, if I have two Golden Age Comp 54 compressors, I can only create them as separate mono external FX or as a single stereo External FX. I thus can’t choose in a project whether to use a pair on the master stereo bus, or single compressors to use on eg a vocal and a guitar part. I can create separate FX, but cannot assign the same I/O to them.

Really, one needs to be able to set up alternative mono/dual mono/stereo plug-ins for the same sets of I/O, any one of which can be selected from the plug-in menu — but with the other options becoming unselectable when one of these is selected.

Similarly, it would be sensibel to have External FX to be selectable as an input source. Eg in a Lunchbox setup, I might have a preamp or a compressor in slot 1. I should be able to select the preamp in slot 1 as an input source, or the compressor in slot 1 as an insert FX.

This is an issue because of the lack of recall for presets reported in my previous post (if the presets were properly recallable then separate presets could be created for each scenario).