'Mono Stereo' Icon to be placed so it does not disappear while zooming out of the mixing Console

As per title :
When zooming’ Out ‘on the Mixer use loose the ability to see the state of each track , on a multi screen setup once arranging is done i spend most of my life in the mixer and various meters and having to constantly zoom in and out just to see if you have set the channel/track to mono/stereo is a total regression for … Visually impaired people , i rely on the info in front of me as to whether i need to ’ render in place’ or bounce audio from mono to stereo without having to constantly scroll in and out .

Ive used this feature from the very beginning of time and it was the first thing on opening i noticed Straight away that had changed . That’s how how much it means to me personally !

Please come up with a solution for the icon to be reinstated for view 100% of the time in the mixer

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