mono sum in the control room? (solved)

Try using a recorded mono tone or mono white noise, Duplicate it, pan original left, then invert the duplicate and pan right , then null test. Generators are just too random for real time null tests.


I’ll give it a go when I get some time.

No, like Hippo said, you need an exact copy of the audio on the left to be phase inversed on the right. Not a test tone generator on each side - they won’t be synchronised.

FWIW works exactly as expected in C 5.1.

Ok, so this issue was bugging me so I poped out to the studio and set up some null tests. Well the results were as expected, perfect cancellation. But… I could still hear a difference between my hardware summing and software summing (to mono)? So I played around with the mix convert window for a while. Now I really don’t know just what happened but with everything back to its default settings I now get proper mono software summing and sounds, as far as my ears tell me, exactly the same as the hardware summing? Very odd indeed!!!

Just switched the pooter off and on (hard switch off) and It’s still good !!!

Insert the test generator on an input - then select this as the source for the two tracks.

I know how to do null tests!

Further investigation of the MixConvert plugin for the Control room downmixing may suggest that the norm button for the center speaker may be on by default for some people causing a drop in level when switching to mono?

Is this a standard plugin in the Control Room? (sorry, I don’t use CR)

Yes, it’s always on as it were! For most people it is hidden and unknown about, but its function is to convert various surround formats to other speaker configs. Mostly if not using surround it converts stereo to mono when the mono button is pressed.

Maybe there’ s a speaker solo activated for the mono configuration…?

No, I thinks it’s the auto normalise? function being on by default on the Mono setup.

Just to add… The situation is now solved for me :sunglasses:

And just to add even more, you’ll only really notice this if you compare hardware mono summing against the control room mono summing!

So, where IS that configuration? I see where you can expose the presets…and already had that exposed…I don’t see where you edit their settings…

On the Downmix Preset Box (were you select Stereo or Mono) there is a little gray arrow just above the top right of the box!

Got it…thanks…and yes, that seems to have made them close enough.

Why on earth would that be the default?

Regardless…it’s also a little confusing how you change it…so, for anyone else reading, you can’t select the presets inside the MixConvert window…I mean you CAN…but, that’s not what you want to do UNLESS, you’ve selected the mono collapse in the control room FIRST…THEN you open the mix Convert window, make the changes you need.

Cool, it may be prudent to put solved in the header!


Just a little bump in case someone else has noticed this problem.