Mono synth track

Artist 11
I have a small ana synth with stereo outs,Uno Pro. If I just use 1 cable to my interface ,should it be the left,??I assume it would be mono but is it with this synth???
and is there a better way to do audio synth tracks with 1 cable in Cubase Artist 11…?Thanks…

Historically the Left channel alone is often used for mono signals. But nothing says it will work that way on any specific equipment. I assume you want to use a mono signal because the number of inputs on your Audio Interface is limited - if not, go for stereo.

The easiest approach is to get a simple Y cable to merge your Left & Right sides into Mono.

I have 2 inputs but I like the ease of 1 cable. Thats all. And some tracks don’t need to be large in the mix.
If I used the Y cable…would the combined signal into mono sound different than the regular left out to mono in left on the interface …? how so…??

Maybe, maybe not. The only way to tell is give it a try and see how it sounds. Nothing says the Left only output will be a mono version of the Stereo signal, it might just be the Left side of the Stereo.

True enough. Some take over so much there’s little room for anything else. If you are on Pro you can use the Stereo Combined Panner to shrink the panorama. And all versions (I think) can route a Stereo Audio Track to a Mono Group Track to mono-ize the signal.