Mono to group Surround


When I am routing mono tracks to a surround group track, why can I not pan them anywhere else than the centre? As soon as I am panning one of the mono tracks to a different loudspeaker, the signal disappears.

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You would need to set the output for the entire track to the Group (not using a Send). If you open the Surround Panner (double-click on it), you should be able to lower the center speaker level, then pan accordingly for the track. If you still have trouble, can you post a screen shot of what you see?

Thanks, but i think that is what I have done. I have a couple of dialogue tracks, all in mono and route them to a group surround track, so that I can apply plug ins to all of the tracks simultaniously. That group track then goes to the main 5.1 output. All is fine, I hear the dialogue in the centre. But as soon as I try to pan one of the dialogue tracks to a different location, I cannot hear anything anymore. The signal is still in the dialogue track, but it does not arrive at the group track.

The group track itself needs to be a 5.1 (when you add the track you are selecting it’s Input type) for you to have panner 5.1 control of the routing of the dialogue.

Thanks, it is a 5.1 group track. But it does not do the panning with the dialogue track. But I just created a new 5.1 group track and routed the dialogue tracks to that one and with this one it works. So looks like the group track I created first was somehow corrupted, which is weird. But it is working now. Thanks for the replies!