Mono to stereo, and stereo to mono toggle [Achieved]

Please make this channel configuration toggle option in track control settings. It can save time because we don’t need to create diffirent stereo or mono tracks in some cases to drag audio events on new ones. For ex - I wish to have stereo reverb on my insert but the track is mono vocal and the plugin chain is ready. And if I add a stereo Reverb insert on it then it will still sound like a mono reverb. So toggle option would be a time saver in that case!


You could trying the BUS send aproach, which in fact reduces a lot of CPU (if you use one reverb for each instrument) and "glues " the mix a bit better .
Has a mix engineer for quite a while (analog days) you can set a template where you have your Effects ready to be used like we did back in the day.
Not saying that you doing something wrong. Its just another way of doing it :smiley:
Your request is still valid :smiley:

I surely know that all I wrote is not academically right way)) I use send and bus aproach a lot. But I also have a cases when I need to make stereo effects on mono source without sends or buses, just on a current track

I do understand it!
It happens a lot on guitar guitar tracks for example , when you want to rapidly open that wide chorus and suddently you realize your track is mono and you have to go for a 3m changes ! cuts the flow! eheh

Absolutely right! Or a vocal chops with extra fx on inserts -same situation

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Maybe if steinberg could make a Logical editor command for this al task, that would be great.
I was looking into the logical editor to see if its possible but i dont think it is.

Use the send feature, you are much better off using an FX send over putting the verb on the vocal chain & you have much more control without affecting the original signal.

Cubase does need a mono>Stereo track toggle though, the stereo to mono plugin is the only work around for those wanting to mix in mono. but if you have vocals on stereo tracks & Want to change over to mono u have to create new mono tracks. You can save time with rerouting by using the channel link feature & linking the routing together & You can use Q-link to simultaneously add the same instance of a VST to multiple tracks

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I know that and use it already. It’s not what I’m looking for though

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Control room can toggle stereo mono with one click.!

To convert a stereo track to mono you can export -downmix mono and select to create a new track.
To convert a mono track to stereo I have a macro and with just a key command I got it.
Though I support you in the request.

how? i dont use control room but maybe i should

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apologies i misunderstood

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Ironically, we had a mono<>stereo toggle in Cubase SX 1. It was useful for the reasons stated above: sometimes you have a mono track and want to use an stereo insert fx (reverb, delay). It was much easier having a simple button to switch between both channel configurations rather than having to setup a bus or a new stereo track and moving the events.

Said that, my workaround is never using mono tracks anymore, even for recording, as you can capture a mono source to a stereo track anyway.


Yeah, this has been requested over and over again on the forum (oldest one I found was from 2011) and continuously ignored by Steinberg…


Thats what i´ve been doing !

That would be a welcome addition. I was so used to this ‘feature’ in Logic Pro, I needed it last week and had no way to do it in Cubase. Created a bunch of empty tracks so I could import some files from a Logic Pro project, and it turned out a couple of those tracks were stereo. Instead of just being able to hit a switch that changed the track from mono to stereo, you actually have to create more new tracks. Seems like a little button to swap between the two would be a bit quicker and easier… I kept clicking on that little icon at the bottom of the channel strip hoping I was doing something wrong but nope, just an indicator haha.

Go to studio, audio connections and switch the Control room on. Then create outputs to your speakers (same as already chosen without the CR)
You will notice a mono stereo toggle.
Control room also allows you to create seperate cue mixes ( up to 4) that you can send to headphones or speakers … It’s super useful although I don’t use cue mixes you can also create an output to a second set of speakers. Your audio interface will need more than one set of outputs though. Look on YouTube for more comprehensive instructions. It took me a while to get my head round the Control room but it’s pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it. I always use it as it has other uses that I find helpful…


It’s totally not what I’m talking about, I use control room 24/7 and you talking about mono/stereo toggle of entire mix. And I wrote about mono / stereo toggle on channels

Everybody, please hit the Vote button for this!! Do it! Do it!

There are plugins that use stereo functions inside the plugin, such as Izotope Nectar 3 harmony module. It’s inside the plugin and can’t be sent somewhere else and then returned to the same plugin for further processing.


That’s the way! I like CR so much since I decided to understand how to use it properly.