Mono to Stereo Configuration


I’m currently using cubase 11 AI.

  1. There are mono channels in my project without pan function. Clicking on the mono channel circle, doesn’t do anything.

(this does not work for me)

  1. If I copy the content of the channel to a new stereo channel I can pan the channel, however, the group channel it is routed to seems to be mono, making the pan function useless. (audio only get slighty more quiet)

Making a new group channel in stereo and routing this new stereo track channel to it does work. I have alot of automation and channels in my project and I need to find a way, to change the existing track and group channels to stereo.

How does that work?

Switchable channel configuration was introduced with C13.

Maybe they are routed to mono groups?

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Thank you for your response.

Yes the track channels and the groups are both mono. I need them both stereo. Or at least the group channels. I want to pan the audio of the track channels basically.

Do I understand you correctly, that I can’t change them from mono to stereo, unless I have C13?

If you route a mono channel to a stereo group, it has a panner.

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In this case it must be a mono group. How can I change it to stereo?

You can’t change it in C11, you need to create new ones in Stereo & reroute to them.

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I think Cubase LE and AI can be updated to the latest version for free.

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I have made a mistake. I actually have elements.