Mono to Stereo Mixer channel?

When loading mono audios in Cubase, the mixer channel track opens as “Left - Stereo in”, and as options it only gives “Right - Stereo in”, is there any way to make the switch in that same channel to change it the nature of the mixer channel from mono to “Stereo In” or do I always have to open a new Mixer channel in Stereo and transport the mono audio to the Stereo channel?

EDIT 01/Jun/22 : Since I see that this very basic feature does not yet exist in Cubase, I make this feature request, as I believe would improve workflow and would be really useful, considering that in a mix, some audios that are in mono, need to be processed with plugins that are in stereo.

Mono channel can use one side of the stereo pair only. So what do you expect?

What do you mean by “loading”?
And what do you mean by “opens as” and then “as options it only gives”?

Maybe explain what goal you’re trying to achieve would be easier.

Well the obviousness of obviousness doesn’t help here, I wrote it in a detailed way for a better understanding of the reader, what do I expect? a way to switch an audio mixer channel from mono to stereo, isn’t it clear enough for you?

Loading = Place/drag & drop audio that was originally recorded in mono in to Cubase, opens = Load automatically a mono Mixer channel instead of a Stereo Mixer channel…

Reason why im looking for a way to switch from mono to stereo in the same mixer channel, without the need to load a stereo mixer channel to move the mono source…

I guess is a feature that doesnt exist yet in Cubase.

stereo-mono switch for tracks - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Not really a solution but you can drag the mono audio onto a stereo track and it will play it both left and right. Then use the pan to put it either left or right to a group channel but I guess you don’t need to do that. You will have a mono as fake stereo at that point. You have to create an empty stereo track first to drag it onto.

But it will be a whole single mono wave form across the two tracks of stereo.

Is what I normally do as some audios that are recorded in mono need to be processed with plug-ins that are in stereo… However, it would be good not to have to open a new stereo channel to transport the audio there, and to be able to do it from the same channel that is in mono with just a switch/option from mono to stereo. I find it rather strange that in Cubase this is not possible at this point, is really a basic stuff/feature.

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