Mono to stereo plug-in

I am wondering how to use this vst3 plug-in.
In the WL7.pdf it says:
Steinberg Mono to Stereo
This effect will turn a mono signal into a “pseudo-stereo” signal. The plug-in must be inserted
on a stereo track playing a mono file.

However: A mono file will not play in a stereo track. Also an error message comes up when you insert the plug-in on a mono track. It has got me really puzzled.
This happens on Windows and Mac.

Maybe a dual mono track is needed with identical L and R channel?

Luck, Arjan

WaveLab 7.01, insert a mono montage track, insert the plugin on the clip. That’s it.

Not here it doesn’t work.
I select a mono track and select a mono clip
I add the effect to the track
A warning window appears that says:
The following plug-in can’t be connected for processing a Stereo input
‘Steinberg MonoToStereo’
It was a lot more logical when one could right click on the clip and add an effect. Now with the Effects tab being used to specify Clip or Track it becomes a mind twister.

Yes you are right, if you add the effect to the Clip, it works, but now I see it won’t work on the Track. Even though it allows you to add it to the track.
And…what does the quasi manual say???
In the WL7.pdf it says:
“Steinberg Mono to Stereo
This effect will turn a mono signal into a “pseudo-stereo” signal. The plug-in must be inserted
on a stereo track playing a mono file.”

PG, it’s a good thing I’m not a believer in the printed word :unamused:


Confirmed works on Clip and in Master Section
but not on Mono Track as Donx remarks.

regards S-EH

“Normal”, as a mono track is set stereo at its output, before the plugins come into action.

Do you know that you can also add clip fx if you right click at the very bottom of a clip?

This was true in WL6 and before, however the ‘Add effects slot’ choice was removed in WL7 and moved to the Effects tab, that only appears for that clip if you also have the specific Track selected, you also have to be sure the ‘Clip’ sub-tab is selected. This process has become very convoluted.
The advantage of the new Effect tab however, is to easily see what effects are already on Clips and Tracks.

PG, would it be possible to leave it the way you have it in WL7 but put the ‘Add effects slot’ back into the selection list that comes up when you right click the clip?

@Donx: Lutz, as often, is right:
Right click on the clip name to get access to the plugin.
I know it can be a bit strange to click there, but I wanted to avoid overloaded menus as in 6, hence this menu is accessed elsewhere.

BTW: instead of right clicking, you can also left click and maintain the button down 1/2 a second.

This is excellent, the way you have it set-up. Thanks for the tip.

The main problem again is documentation of these features.
I guess I should delete the WL7.pdf until a properly written manual appears.
Or… is there one already available, but hidden in some corner of the Steinberg site ???