Mono to stereo via FX

I really need that, in audio tracks.


I have a mono track (dry electric guitar recording), which goes into a mono amp plugin (track stays mono until here) - and THEN into a mono to stereo chorus fx (and here i want the track to become stereo).

Waves also has mono to stereo plugins.

Please give. :slight_smile:

Is the monototereo included in the main fx’s in cubase not what your are looking for ??

No, but there are fx out there which would allow turning a mono signal, via EQ or modulation for example, into a stereo signal.

We can’t use that with Cubase, though, because in Cubase a mono track can’t turn into a stereo track at some point in the signal chain.

So what I ask Steinberg to add is the ability to have a mono track and mono channel which, at some point in the signal chain, suddendly turns stereo. :slight_smile:

And the reason why I ask for this:

This morning I created my first (extremely sweet sounding) chorus effect in Reaktor - and I could use it to turn a mono guitar signal (virtual amp) into a wide stereo one… if only Cubase would let me without having to mess around with another unecessary group track.

It’s a purely technical request - to provide us with the routing option “this insert here turns the channel from mono to stereo”.

+1 please.

Old versions of Cubase used to make the track follow the channel I/O channels of the plugin, but since Cb4 (I think… also prob VST3 which drove it) they changed this to make the track have fixed I/O channels from when you create it. I think this has been a backward step in terms of flexibility - I used to use it a lot for most channels particularly guitars. Love to see an update which brings this back and allows us to choose the I/O config for each plugin.




When you use send to stereo fx channel it works, also when you send to stereo group - both makes sense. Greets