Mono to stereo

Hi all,

I want to create stereo files from mono sources.

There is a mono-to-stereo plugin in the list. The doc says that it requires the mono file playing back on a stereo track. I can copy the mono file and paste it into a new stereo document, but is there a shortcut or a plugin that batch processes that for me?


Just now I tried the Mono-to-stereo plugin on a test signal and I’m getting an error: “Cannot handle the required number of input channels Plug-in is switched off.”

This happens both when I insert the plug-in in the master section of a mono document or a stereo document that has the signal copied to both channels.

It worked just a minute ago (on the mono input), then stopped working. Not sure what I did to make it choke.


Load a mono file. Then press this button:
Or more simply start playback.

This will set the Master Section correctly. Now you can insert the mono to stereo plugin.
You got that message because the Master Section was configured to stereo input.

Excellent, thank you. It works now!


In trying to batch process the above setup, I ran into a problem which may be due to my workflow.

The batch consists of 3 plugins:

  1. Loudness Restorer plugin ('capture)
  2. Mono-to-stereo
  3. Loudness Restorer (restore peak level)

After processing all files look similar to the image attached. I tried the stereo link option in slot 3 both on/off, made no difference.


Looks like a wavelab bug, caused by the channel change used in coordination with the loudness restorer. I can imagine this is also in wavelab 8, and will try to correct this for next update 8.0.2, if this is the case.

Ah, ok. As a workaround, would you suggest to just drop a regular normalizer at the end instead? It’s kind of difficult to predict the gain change as a result of the mono-to-stereo plugin.