Mono track record with stereo out ? (Guitar Rig, ...)

Hi there, this is something that was pretty easy in Reaper, but for some reason I can’t get it to work in Cubase, I’d like to be able to use a mono track (or better said a mono input) and hear the stereo effect when monitoring in Cubase is this possible ?

For example if I use Guitar Rig 5 right now the only way is to use a stereo track but then I record a stereo track with one channel no audio, which is kind of odd for me, is it possible to just record a mono file but output it to the stereo audio engine ?




You can use Mono track and route it to the Stereo Out. But then, if you apply any Stereo effect (like for example Stereo Delay), the eddect will be in Mono.

You can also Add a Mono track for your Guitar. Then route its Output to the new Group Channel, which is Stereo. Then, you can insert the Guitar Rig (Stereo), to the Stereo Group Channel. Then all effects will be stereo.

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this is what I found out for now, but sincerely it’s quite a lot of workaround for this simple task, I’m really sorry, but I bought Cubase 8 when it came out and this is my second attempt to work with it mainly for the score editor but I run into things that where simpler in Reaper or Sonar x3 so I’m not sure what to do here. The ideal workstation doesn’t seem to exist yet on PC :slight_smile:




Use stereo track but choose mono input.

I do it like that all the time with Guitar rig.
In fact I never use mono track even for mono sources. It gets complicated when you want to use any stereo effect.

Hi Misohoza, thanks but that gives you an empty channel when recording, which is some waste for a mono signal on input, unless you can make the audio file + input stay mono but internal routing goes to stereo output ? thanks


In the VST Connections > Input, Add a Mono Bus. Then Add Stereo Audio track in the Project window. As an Input, select the Mono In, you just created. This will create a Audio part, which will be mono. But the output will be stereo, and you should be able to apply the stereo effects.

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Thanks a bunch Martin that did the trick, much appreciated!

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wow!!! years of suffering found a sudden end, thx! and how stupid am i that i didnt come up with this myself, or i didnt google it sooner…
always thought the ‘mono/stereo’ effects should be taking care of that!!!

This is valid in Cubase Pro 9, and works a treat. Thank you -so- much for saving my sanity in short order!

this helped me , easy conversion mono to stereo: