Mono track seems to be panned with flux stereo tools


i meet a problem" in a mono track in cubase pro 11 (carte son focusrite 18i20 3rd gen).

when i analyse the track with flux steréo tools i can see that it’s hard panned left

whatever the sound is coming in the twice speaker. and i can hear it even if i pan it left or right in cubase

the track is routed on a group (bus) stéréo. (stereo tools see it as a mono signal with -1 correlation (that is what i was waiting for the mono track…))

all this is a bit messy to me.

i try many things :

  • direct recording in the soundcard
  • recording with a DI.
  • thru an external preamp.

it’s always panned hard left (in flux stereo tool) with all audio source : microphone or instrument (bass, guitar…)


I think using StereoTool on a mono channel doesn’t make much sense, as it is made for stereo tracks = two channels. On a mono track there is only one channel of data, and stereotools maps that to its internal “left” channel.
You should try putting StereoTool on the stereo bus, i guess then you’ll see the desired result.

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Thanks a lot.