Mono Vocal Track Doesn't Pan left/right

Hi there really need help. Perhaps i’m just missing something simple but I have a few mono vocal tracks that I recorded and am trying to pan some left n right to create some space to the mix but when i pan fully right or left the signal is still coming through both channels at an equal level. I have tried switching off my inserts-a compressor and Izotope Nectar and i still have the same problem. Please can any1 point me in a way to solve this. Thanks

Sorry I’m using Cubase 6.0.5

Configure your Cubase (output-)bus- connections properly, and check your soundcard´s (whichever that may be) mixer also (If available…)…

You’ve probably accidentally bypassed the panner.
Dubbel click the panner, a big panner window will open which contains a bypass button top left

Thanks for the help peeps… Was d soundcard…!!! For some reason the 2 output channels weren’t linked and so were just outputting a double mono signal…Panic over…! Thanks again for your help…Much Appreciated :smiley: