Mono Wav in AAC?

Hi there,

i also posted this question in the german forum…perhaps here has somebody a solution.
I created a watchfolder which should convert incoming audio files into “mp3” and “AAC”.
When i put a stereo file in the folder everything works. But when i put a mono file in the folder, there pops up a window, that tells me, the aac codec cannot handle this format!
Can Mono-files (Wav, Aiff, etc) really not be converted into AAC?

Hope somebody has an answer :slight_smile:

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AAC can create mono files, but not in all formats. What is the format of your input file? And what settings to you set for AAC?

Hi PG,

thank you for your reply…here´s what i want to convert

Source File : Wav, 24bit, 48khz, mono

wanted destination AAC-File(Settings in Wavelab):Type: AAC, Name: m4a, Channels: like input, Samplerate: like input, Encoder: MP4 HD-AAC 24 CBR 256 kbs, Metadata: copy from source

What do you think? Should this work?

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MP4 HD-AAC 24 CBR 256 kb

Use something lower than 256 kb. In HD mode, this won’t make a difference (lossless) but that will please the encoder.

Hi PG,

thank you for your reply!
You were right…bringing the Bitrate lower to 112, 128 kb/s solves the problem.
I saw afterwards that i wouldn´t benefit from higher rates anyway (regarding the filesize)

Thank you and best regards

I have the same problem with a stereo file “Wav, 24bit, 48khz, stereo”
This file comes from an another machine under cubase.

The file is transfered in a second machine via an usb key.
Wavelab opens the files without problems.

I can do my job and save after that.

The “save under” AAC with the same sample rate with 24 bits resolution, Stéreo channels and 128kbps/crb kills wavelab

Wavelab is killed! and shut down. Windows 10 64bits is angry!

Same problem at 112kbps, 96kbps.

I have to use “freac” to convert my file “Wav, 24bit, 48khz, stereo” directly to AAC 128kbps! And the file plays!

Where is my mistake?


Are you using Wavelab 8.5.31, the hotfix?
Which type of AAC? - LC? HD?
Works ok here on Windows 10 Redstone.

Unless you’re on Wavelab 9, in which case it should be fixed in the latest 9.0.30 update: