Mono WAV in stereo channel: oddness requiring explanation

It’s a long story but I’m playing a mono wav through a stereo channel. I was expecting each side to be identical but they’re very lopsided and not in synch - you can see the peaks move apart and together. It proved very tricky to balance with the pan so I decided to separate the two sides out to see what I was dealing with. I did this by sending to two stereo auxes panned hard L/R and sending these in turn to two mono groups. Each had quite a different sound - one quite bassy, the other thinner.

Q1: Why is the stereo output from the mono file lopsided?

Aha, I thought, maybe I can use this to get some width by treating the thin signal as if it were an M/S side channel, so I have sent it to an phase-inverted aux and panned L/R.

Soloing the “side” pair and moving the faders up and down causes the balance between them to change from one to the other. If I pan them both centre, moving the faders causes the sound to fade in and out, only giving me signal where they were previously in balance.

Q2: What the hell’s going on?

I would be very grateful for any expert opinions.


What kind of channel, and are there any Plugins in the signal path - if so, which ones / where, and what are your meters set to?

Thanks for the prompt, I had a mono plugin in a stereo channel. Interesting, though, being able to split up a mono file that way. May end up using it “wrong” but at least I’ll know why now.

Cheers, thinkingcap, knew someone could do it…

C :smiley:

Are you telling us everything? Are any plug-ins involved?

…that’ll teach me to read the whole thread!