I am going thru a computer music tutorial and in it they have rendered a midi sequence to audio 3 times.high mid and low using a filter.

“we use lives utility effect to monoise the low band”
is there a plugin with cubase that i can do that?
or 3rd party alternatives.

StereoEnhancer plugin with either the mono button pressed or the width knob turned fully anticlockwise.

hiya thanks,
but unable to get a frequency range in that plugin,isnt that correct?

First use an eq to high pass filter, then the next plugin in the chain would be the StereoEnhancer set to mono to pin the bass frequencies centre, for the middle band you might consider using a high and low pass filter.
Incidentally, the CM valvefilters that came with your magazine sound lovely.

again thanks for ur reply.
if i high pass the lows,does that not mean im left with no bass frequency?


yes,but im looking to monoise the low end,so cant do that if its not there

Tutorial say to make three tracks, yes?
One is hipassed so only highs remain. One is low and hi-passed so mids remain, one is low passed so only lows remain.
Monoise the low track.

Sorry, typo (was in a rush) you’ll have three “versions” of the track, Bass (Low passed which you want to “monoize”), High (High Passed) and mids (low and high passed)
There will be phase smearing in frequency ranges where the filters crossover, so pick a crossover point where there’s nothing interesting happening - or a trouble area that you wanted to notch anyway. Some digital EQs will give you the frequency cuts with no ramp up or ramp down, use a frequency analyser to learn the behaviour of your EQs/filters.

3rd party

What is needed is an EQ that is capable of operating in mid/side mode. You’d take the side channel low frequency and set it to infinite, while leaving the mid channel alone. I do this all the time.