Monoizing a stereo file...the visual

Yes I think that would work. I haven’t actually tried that in WL9.

But IMO it’s a work-around, just like PG and YWCA offered. It’s not nearly as cohesive or fast as Stereoizer which shows the same wave, and color codes with the degrees of mono or stereo.

I think the Wavelab 9 mid side display is very close, and seems to be capable of doing what they’re doing with overlay, which is how it appears they’re doing it. Attached are WL9 screenshots. Mid side and mid side overlaid. Track 11 is mono. If PG knows of a way to change the colors or transparency, I think he’s gotten very close already. And it’s quite fast to load in files and look at them. Of course the Wavelab clip tab would show the file list above as in the other program. The Wavelab downside would be loading multiple sample rates, or having to load one and two channel files at the same time, like the other program can do.

I’m not saying Wavelab shouldn’t include everything the other program specifically does, like conditional file-making at the end of analysis, but the display is almost already there in Wavelab 9, and could possibly be customized by PG to automatically display with overlay, although it’s already very easy to do what I just did to show overlay. Just cut and paste the side on top of the mid. I’m not discouraging your feature request, just saying it might be worth trying Wavelab 9 to see what’s already there, and how and where it could possibly serve as a basis for your request.

Thanks for the overlay shot!

I now agree visibility wise, and with more clicks etc, it’s practically there. This is a learning experience, because I didn’t think of doing an exact overlay which you shows does work. ie copy the side, paste the side channel in a blank area of the mid channel then move it on top of the mid, without the volume handles screwing everything up. I forgot that when you place it over the mid exactly, the volume/fade handles will vanish.

I think I am the last person on earth to request any feature that would muck up a great program such as WL9. Over the years, I have seen what happens with Cubase. :mrgreen: If it wouldn’t be beneficial enough for users to have an application that achieves everything Stereoizer accomplishes in a concise design, and built into Wavelab, then I’m really happy for my $50 investment.