Monologue & Embracer Missing???

I’m looking into this,

but these are not found when I loaded up an old C5 project that used them?

anyone had this?

Ok so they were in the Cubase 5 folder within the Steinberg folder in my 64 bit program files in Windows.

Had to copy them to the correct folder, all is well now but makes me wonder If anything else is astray in C7. Thought this was odd because other C5 synths have come across no problem?

Has anyone else had this, are there any other plugs missing do you know?

Yes they were not there when i installed C7 but i just grabbed the dll files from 6.5 and copied them across, now work perfectly in C7.



Simply read the fvcking Plug-in Reference manual…?!

this will give you a list of the plug ins that are with C7 that’s true, I cant find where it tells you what to do if you had my issue, which I solved for myself and posted how I did it

So DONT abuse me with words that you know full well will get auto edited out by the forum filter, at 3770 posts you should be aware of the forum etiquette. If my posting is out of line report it. It isn’t so you are welcome to ignore if it offends/irritates you.

no need for your unhelpful contribution to this thread, if its in the manual I didn’t find it, that’s why I posted