Monologue not loading in Cubase 6.5

Monologue was working fine in 6 and then I upgraded to 6.5 and now it will not load properly as an instrument or from the VST rack. I can select it from the menu, but nothing happens. A new instrument slot is created but it is blank. Any way I can reinstall just this VST instrument? Lot’s of previous projects have it in use. Thanks.

It works here. Could you post some details about your configuration?

Got a response from Steinberg…“Monologue and Embracer are not available under Mac OS Lion. Cubase 6.5 has Retrologue and Padshop.”

So I guess I have no choice but to recreate my Monologue sounds from scratch in Retrologue… what ever.

Strange that they don’t say that on the Cubase product page:

Yeah that information should be clearly shown somewhere. None of those plugins are in VST3 format so I suppose Steinberg will eventually get rid of them.

Which is a real pity, since to me, Monologue has the best sound of all the included plugins. It’s not very capable in comparison, but sounds much better to my ears.

What’s also interesting, upon really scanning the product page, I’ve realized that I’ve never used or have the Tonic – Analog Modeling Filter! Not in my menus, probably not supported, but curiose as to which folder I could look under to see if it ever installed.

As already stated, I’m on Mac OSX Lion and originally installed Cubase 4 back in the day. Now running 6.5.

I gotta say, “I HATE THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING” … when someone at development decides they don’t need to update the code for an instrument or plug-in and that’s it!! …
Everyone of these plugs have like ONE thing that they do good or great, and one date you do an update and you find one of your favorite tools is GONE… Imagine Charlie Parker waking up one day and Rico told him they discontinued making #5 reeds for his horn…

Yeah, that’s why I’m starting to think that upgrading is not always a good idea. I suppose you can’t rely on included instruments. They dropped Halion One too, and I had to convert many projects that used it for the new Halion Sonic SE, which by other hand uses much more CPU in the same instruments.