Montage audio jumps ahead during playback

Need help troubleshooting this abrupt timeline jump in Wavelab 11.02 build 13 win10 x64:

I am working on this album as a montage.
Limiting on the master section, then I ride clip level to determine how hard I hit the limiting. Per clip eq on the Clip Effects.
Each clip plays fine, but after it plays into the next track, when I select that next track, and update to the clip effects on that track, whats playing jumps wildly forward on the timeline.

In this montage, I have master rig as my eq for every clip.

Here is a video:
(apparently I cant post links)

a wild playback cursor jump could mean there was a lack of CPU power to repaint progressively the cursor. Are you using heavy CPU plugins?

@hollis Would you like me to try and paste that link to your Dropbox video here for you (from the FB group post)

Paul, that would be great. I think I am too new on the sever to post links yet.

You could be onto something here, I am using 8 instances of Master Rig one per track with 8bands of linear phase eq on each. Most tracks arent using all 8 bands though.

The audio and the cursor are allways in sync though. When the glitch occurs both whats playing and the cursor jump way forward in time.

@hollis video link:

Hollis Video - Cursor Jump

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In the video, I seem to hear a mouse click prior to the jump. What do you do with the mouse?

Audio plays smooth through the whole track on all tracks, also plays smooth in the transition to the next track. I only experience the visual and audio jump, when I start playback on clip A, let it play all the way into clip B, then click on the waveform of clip B (bringing up the Master Rig on clip B).

The whole album renders fine.