Montage batch question

I have a couple of questions concerning the montage batch option.

I have created several montages for a series of shows that I have recorded. Each montage is unique and the master effects (eq, comp, etc) for each montage is different. (I have almost 16 of these shows, so 16 montages). With each montage, I have saved the master effects preset section as part of the montage.

When I load each of these montages individually, I have to manually go to the menu and tell it to load the master effects preset chain that was saved for that montage. No problem. I then see the effect chain loaded in the master channel and I am ready to print.

I want to create a batch process for all of these montages so I can let it print the files I want overnight so I don’t have to do each montage individually and sit there all night. If I load the montage into the batch window, will it process each one with the proper master channel effects chain that is saved in each respective individual montage?


In the future, consider using the master effects tab in the montage rather than the global master section.

There is also this feature shown in the screen shot that will import your master section plugins into the master effects tab for the montage so you don’t have to save and load the master section for each montage.

I’m not sure if you can safely load new master section plugins while other montages are rendering but from what I’ve read I think you can. I just prefer using the master that is inside the montage for ease of use.
Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 9.57.14 AM.png

If I understand correctly your request, this possibility already exists, see:

Thank you.