Montage Clip Envelope - where's the pan option?

WaveLab 11.0.30 - montage / envelope
With previous versions, you could edit the PAN envelope of a clip by selecting the PAN view. This seems no longer possible. Or is it hiding in another menu ?

– Erik ‘De LoRRe’ Laurent- Belgium


Found it !
So indeed I was looking in the wrong spot (the ‘old’ visibility dropdown menu).
Thanks for showing me the new location.
It takes some getting used to, but once you know it, the logic of it becomes clear.
Anyway, again big thumbs up Philippe for your fast reply and your continuing support to us WaveLab users.

– Erik ‘De LoRRe’ Laurent- Belgium

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Hi there, I am trying to pan clips also. I have tried following the above but I don’t have the option to select pan under the Volume/Fades. When I select the + there is no option for pan. I have made sure the envelope selector drop down menu is on ‘As inspector’.

The Pan envelope option has moved slightly for WaveLab 11.

Check here to add it: