Montage Clip Render Different SR, Dither Question

New user here.

I have a couple of 96-32 Clips in a Montage and want to Render them out to 44-16 WAV files. Each clip has EQ plug-ins in the Clip Montage FX slots. There’s a limiter in the Track Montage FX slots. Under the Render Tab’s Output Settings section I can set the format (Audio File Format) to 44-16.

The question is: where does the SRC happen and where should I add the dither to 16 bit?

I know that I could Render through my plug-ins at 96-32 and then do the SRC and Dither after. I’m just trying to understand when the SRC happens if you set the render output to a different sample rate than the Montage and source Clip.

bob weston

To control the process, hence the location of the sample rate conversion, use the resampler in the Master Section.

If you don’t do this, the sample rate change will happen last in the processing chain, which is generally what you don’t want for a professional result.

Thank you, Philippe,

Will I get the same result if I place the Resampler and Dither Plug-ins in the Montage Output FX slots, instead of the Master Section Slots?


It is not possible to put the resampler plugin in the montage.
The Resampler change the number of sample per second and need some special audio stream handling only available in the Master Section.

Yes, this is precisely and also one of a few reasons why I just don’t use the Resampler at all. Using an external SRC like RX, Saracon, or even WaveLab batch processor combined with the Custom Montage Duplicate feature in my opinion is a much better and safer way to get accurate renders at any and all sample rates.

Bonus is that ALL plugins and settings remain saved and stored in the montage and the master section is not needed.