montage, clip, track # editing

have a question about the montage… on the clip page… the TRACK parameter

i typically make “staggered” montages and the tracks alternate between 1 & 2… when i rearrange the song order this gets all messed up, as the songs keep their original track 1 or 2 setting and then start piling up… for neatness sake i like to then change them back, manually, to a staggered view…

however, clicking the track # in the TRACK column, and selecting a different track number does nothing… is it supposed to? are you supposed to be able to swap tracks here?

what i end up doing is manually dragging the songs to the other track as needed, which works, but always risks messing with the position/timing/etc…

just wondering if there is a way to re-stagger the view without having to manually do it…


It worked in previous versions. Haven’t tried it in 9.

Hold down Shift to constrain horizotally while dragging. So they don’t change position/timing, just Track.

yeah, that’s what i do as a workaround now… just wondering if the TRACK column is bugged/broken… or supposed to work …

For me it’s working to go to the CLIPS tab and select a new track number in the Track column, even when there are some overlapping clips. The desired clip moves to a new montage track no problem.

I think something was changed with this recently to make improvements. Are you working in 9.0.35?

I seem to remember have a similar issue a little while back, but not anymore.

there we go… i was on 9.0.2… just installed the .35 update and the problem seems to have been fixed!