montage confusion-help

O.K. I need help in montage cause I’m doing something wrong. I want to burn a CD from a montage. O.K. So I have 16 sound files all are 48Khz / 24 bit.wav. I create a new montage, make the audio box properties 48k, drag or click my files into the montage, one after another… fine…now I trim the beginning and end using the yellow (window shade) also fade out and in. GREAT!!! I see that in my folder I have the original .wav and a .gpk file. I assume that would be the montage file. Now I go to the functions and select the magic wand. All my files now have 2 sec of space and look good. I even save the montage file. Now I go to the master section and input crystal re-sampler 16 bit high and at the bottom uv22 dither… I render (bottom on master section) “whole file” instead of clips ( not sure if I should do that but I did) The file takes about 9 min. Then… hell breaks loose!!! I am lost!!! The files turn light blue? gone are my function Options… I can’t file the burn button. What is going on? I’m sure I have re-sampled and dithered but why the light blue ? behind that page is my montage page but when I try to burn it says my file are not 44.1… Could someone give me step by step instructions … How can you burn from a montage… I don’t want the basic CD… However I might take each file , edit and then import to Basic CD… I’m doing something wrong…


If you need to resample your montage and burn it, select these options:

Thanks PG… It worked!! Now the neat thing is that I have 2 montages one that is 48k/ 24 bit , the other is the rendered version… I guess I can use either one for changes to the songs… However I’ll probably use the 48k montage and do a save as… THANKS again


Better do the changes on the hi resolution montage.