Montage confusion

WL 7.2.1, Windows (32-bit).

When I create a new montage, and specify DVD-compatible, four channels (Lf, Rf / Ls, Rs), the montage knows that it has those four channels, and I can add four mono files on four tracks and assign them to those four outputs. However, on the status line at the bottom it says that it is CD-compatible, stereo; and clicking that brings up the montage properties window with those settings in - if I change them to what the montage actually is, then the display changes, but nothing else, as the montage was already behaving more or less as expected.

One other thing I didn’t expect, though, is that when rendering, if I don’t specify multi-mono but leave it as “same as original”, it gives me multi-stereo files when I would have expected multi-mono, which is what the originals are. No big deal, but is this what it’s meant to do?


  1. This is a small display bug.
  2. This is an internal default in WaveLab: multi stereo/mono when nothing is specified.