Montage Envelope>Raise Selection - Copy to new clip

Hi all

Question regarding Montage Envelope>Raise Selection.

I am presently doing a project where there are a number of ‘source/destination’ type edits (to use a Sequo*a expression).

Right clicking on a Raise Selection set of points in the source clip gives you the option of ‘copy shape’.

I would like to paste that shape (in the same position, but in another ‘destination’ clip on another track.

However, once copied, there appears to be no option to paste that directly? And if you place another Raise Selection points and use the ‘past shape’ it seems to erase what you’ve just placed altogether (ie works like Delete Selected Points) in the destination clip.

I must surely be missing something obvious (and yes I did read the manual)?

There is no possibility to copy a subset of envelope points and paste them into another place. The option “Copy Shape / Paste Shape” copies the whole envelope and pastes it to another clip, stretching the point as required to fit in the new destination, and replacing all the points at the destination.

Thank you PG

That is also useful. And at least I know I haven’t missed anything.

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I also understand your request is valid (I note it). But I don’t know when this can be done.

Thank you PG … agree this is clearly not a high priority

It would be very useful for me too…
Imagine to do the same fades for different versions of the song: master, playback, instrumental.

For fades, this is already possible: the fade-in / envelope body / fade-out are individually copyable / pastable.

Yes. I use this all the time to copy the volume/gain envelope of the main version to any alternate versions so the fade in/out and any level automation is mirrored to those versions. Works great. I’m still trying to figure out how the “raise selection” option is useful but so far I haven’t had the need for it in my workflow.

Well … for example, say you have a track with a quiet intro section compared to a big chorus. You need to subtly lift the gain to feed the chain. Select the region in the clip any way and with one click the selection is raised. From there it’s really super quick to adjust the level.

Similarly, if you want like an initial hit on a big section of a power ballad to hit harder perceptually …

We all work differently and it might not be for you … just as some of your workflow doesn’t work for me. But it is most def both quick and useful.

Hope this is of some help and all the best