Montage exports 32bit instead of 16bit

Hi Folks,

This is a problem that has been around for a while. Basically whenever I take 24bit 96k montage and export it to 16-bit (w/ crystal resampled + dither) montage, it exports a 32bit file instead. I can still burn cd’s and ddp’s from the 32bit 44.1khz montage but when I export the files as individual tracks they’re still 32bit even though I’m exporting ‘regions’ as PCM, Wave, Stereo, 16 bit, and 44 100khz as normal.

I don’t seem to have this problem when working with 24bit 44.1 files. The only noticeable difference is that the original montage was 96k.

It really is a strange problem. Can anyone offer a work around?


of course I can use Batch process to convert them to 16bit but I don’t want to be randomly cutting off bits. The files only have 16bits but they’re saved as 32bit file with the added blank bits.


How do you mean, you ‘export’ a montage? There’s no such command in Wavelab. Please tell us what you actually do.

If you mean you ‘Render’ the regions from the Master Section and set the output format as above, that is indeed strange and shouldn’t happen.

You have to specify 16 or 24 bit in the file format. If you select “as source”, you get 32 bit because the montage is a 32 bit audio streamer.

Sorry, by export i meant render.

Hi PG, Yeah I always specify exactly what output I want because of this problem but it doesn’t help. So in my case when I render a 24bit 96k montage with a specific output of PCM, Wave, Stereo, 16 bit, and 44 100khz it still ends up as a 32bit file.
I’ve double checked everything numerous times over the past year. In the end I just res-ave it as 16bit file, because bit analysis states it’s now only 16bit. Is there a way for me to just change the header? That’s what seems to be the problem and not the actual rendered file.