Montage: I cannot cut


sometimes I cannot cut anything in the Audio Montage. 5 minutes ago I cut but later I have push something probably and now I cannot. Neither with “ctrl x” nor with “scissors button”. I can’t find out what happened. And it’s not a first time unfortunately. And I can’t cut only one clip, others are OK.

Maybe You know what’s wrong?

Maybe it’s simply a focus issue? If you click once on the montage window, doesn’t it work then when you use shortcuts?

It is simple, I suppose. (I’m not sure I understand You properly.) Other shortcuts work OK. I can for example use “ctrl c” and copy something from this clip to another place. (Only in one clip I cannot cut).


You mean set cursor in clip and using scissor or key S
or making a selecton in the clip and then Ctrl + X
check “Focused clip” so clip isn’t Locket (wav turns to green color)

regards S-EH