Montage M Obsession-Halion Is That You?

I really want that keyboard. Like a LOT. That second blue display is soooooo feeerkin cool. Well done Yamaha Synth Dudes. Well Played.

Ok. I have a theory. I think that Halion and the new Montage M are the same animal. Maybe I should say, the same “Code Base” but the same general compute code underneath with different instrument sets.

Why do I say so? The Halion 6 to 7 upgrade cycle was a LONG time. Then it finally came-The Montage M was released very shortly after. As if they had to optimize the Montage Branch of Halion.

I for one can tell that the core engine is different. Like it’s been optimized. Faster at doing multiple things if you are a DSP junkie like myself. Halion 6 could struggle if you had 20 plus layers going at one time. Not Version 7!

Anyway, Halion Has FM. Like literally the same engine as the Montage. Halion has an oscillating scope. Same as Montage M. Montage M picked up Halions VA Engine. They are releasing a “Montage Plugin”. There is NO WAY this is a new VST running on some separate code base.

So essentially Halion 7 is Montage M Plus. We have more engines and nearly unlimited power. They have better effects and stock sounds I think. I would LOVE to get the ability to run the Montage M as a plugin inside Halion. I would literally pay real money for that!

Amadeus e.d.p.