Montage M VST-VS Halion!

THIS is gonna be NUTS!

Is this true? Are they running some version of Halion on this machine? Will the Montage VST (if it even happens) be available to us on Halion?

Has Yamaha finally started to unify the synth technologies and this is the first step? I for one would LOVE to have some of those Montage Pianos and those action strings/ochestra presets.

Even better…will they port the Wavetable Engine to the Montage? Will the Montage’s feature set be “stuck in stone” so to speak or are we in the Upgradable/Expandable age of Workstations?

Amadeus e.d.p.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that they remain very separate.
Halion does pretty much most of what I want already.
After going through the Montage M manuals a bit, the ESP wouldn’t work for me,
and I would end up not using it.


Yeah, I’m different. I want all the engines and all the sounds to be as device agnostic as possible. It would simplify the product portfolio a whole lot PLUS give us Halion users some of that Hardware mojo love.

I just thought of something. Halion 7 took forever to come out. Then it drops the Same YEAR as the new Montage. Halion’ s engines picked up the Montage FM. We have wavetable and granular that would be cool on a Montage as well.

Amadeus e.d.p.