Montage: Missing Files

Hey PG,

I stmbled over a pretty annoying Bug.
While trying to open a old Montage from 9.5 I am obviously getting a missing file Error - but the window is not being displayed on the screen.
Wavelab is waiting for a response on that not accessable screen and not responding to anything.
Please get that fixed asap.


See my posts on page 2 here
Same problem.
Hopefully PG will get this sorted out soon.

Wavelab is waiting for a response on that not accessable screen and not responding to anything.

Why is this screen “not accessible”?

Because it can appear behind the main window, and in that case it is very hard (though actually, not impossible) to find a way to bring it to the foreground to dismiss. This doesn’t always happen, and I can’t recall whether I identified any particular circumstance which brought it on when it was happening to me.


PG, this problem still persists in WL 10.0.40

We have to shut down Wavelab and are losing the complete work done!! :open_mouth:

How do you open the montage with missing files? File browser, Drad and drop? etc…

This time I used the File Browser.

I have this annoying problem to, when I open a project that I saved last week (audio or montage) WL says it can’t find the audio files and I have to redo the whole montage all over again. The missing files window seen above shows but the files are nowhere to be found. It has happened with 2 different projects. It’s a real pain.

iMac, OS Catalina, WL 10.0.50.

I have this on my screen right now - The task bar shows the missing files window, but selecting it doesn’t bring it to the front - also cycling with alt-tab doesn’t bring it to the front.

I started with a montage with four files, copied the montage into a directory with four different file waiting, renamed the montage and then double-clicked it - the missing files window was written on top but immediately vanished. Wavelab opened full-screen as it was last used, but I can’t reduce it because it hasn’t got focus, even though the missing files window is behind it. I can open other montages from the taskbar’s right-click menu, but they all remain unresponsive, and the close command is also ignored.