Montage not compensating correctly for plugin latency when rendering

EDITED - I am working with an instrumental stereo track and a vocal stereo track on the montage. I added a plugin to the instrumental track that reports 25ms latency. When I render to a stereo master file the vocal comes out misaligned and moved forward by 25ms. I thought that Wavelab would compensate for the plugin latency. Seems like it recognizes that one track has a 25ms latency and moves forward the other track by 25ms but then the final rendered file is not aligned. Strange

EDIT- I’m suspecting that the issue might be specific to Process Audio Sugar plugin.

WaveLab compensate for latency, if the plugin does its part.

The issue might be with the plugin Process Audio Sugar. By default, I has the Linear Phase on and this creates a 25ms latency that might not be communicating correctly with Wavelab. In their website, they say that the plugin is compatible with Cubase (Wavelab not listed). If I turn the Linear Phase option off everything is back in sync.