Montage performance change Cubase12

Does anyone know how to change a performance from the inspector?

When I try it will change the patch inside of the performance but I would like to have Cubase change the Montage to the correct Performance on song load.

Check your Montage manual what is required to change a Performance via MIDI. This isn’t really a Cubase question.

The best way to do this with Montage is the Montage Connect VST.

OK, so I will rephrase my question and make it completely Cubase centric.

In Cubase how do I input a Program change in the MIDI “List Editor” that has an MSB 64, LSB 3, 83

I figured it out. Add two Controllers then a patch change. in this case I used MSB 64, LSB 3, PC 1
I used this table to get the correct MSB LSB values I needed.

Here is a SS from the Cubase 12 MIDI List Editor

For other Montage users the way you get the MSB LSB and PC from the montage performance is:

touch the performance name, then from the left menu touch “property”.