Montage Question WL6e

Hello all…

I read and re-read the montage section of the ops manual for WL6 essential, but could not find the answer to this question (could be old age or pseudo-semi-blindness :wink: )… when you save your montage for later editing, it does not recall which plug-ins you’ve used in the Master section… am I missing something here, seems odd that it would not…

Anyone lend me a hand on this?


You first have to save the master section to the montage file separately. With the montage window not full screen, there is an extra icon for it, next to the minimize, maximize and close icons. I’m not at the WL6 PC, so can’t describe it in more detail… You save the master section by pressing CTL plus clicking this icon - it then turns green. After reloading the montage, you have to click this icon to get the settings back. Not very intuitive, but it works!

Luck, Arjan

Great, thanks for the info, will give it a go… perhaps that is hidden in some other part of the manual.

cheers - Robin