I created a audio montage for cd burning. ( 5 songs edited and ready to be burn)
In the master section insert i have some plugins that i want in the cd master and on the dither section i have the uv 22 as well. Do i need the click the render button for all the effects to be included in the cd burn ?
Please advise .

No, plugins will be used while burning.


How do i burn the cd with the effects setting in the master insert section?

This happens automatically unless you disable the option from cd burning dialog.

I suspect PG’s first message was misunderstood - it meant “No, you do not need to click render; the plugins will be used while burning”.


Thanks for clearing this up.
I dont hear the effects in the output cd. Is there some kind of hidden setting to make the master effect inserts available in the output cd?

Make sure following in unchecked: