Montage rendering changements

Hello, when i’m rendering all cd tracks of a group, if i mute the track or modify a plugin of this track after, then it modify the rendering that is running !

Each time a montage part is rendered, then the part is taken from the current montage.
For example, if you have tracks A and B to render, and while A is being rendered, you modify B, then when B starts to be rendered, the modification you have just done, are taken into account.

Nothing abnormal to this.

Agree but it has never been like that for what I remember, it means it can be a problem to touch the montage when rendering… Big difference. Something like mouse roll with the mouse in the bad place can be a full bad work.

This has always been so since this WaveLab function exists.

You must know that WL9.5 don’t mute the audio on the running rendering if you mute the track !

Maybe this is just specific to CD group rendering which I don’t do much of, except for vinyl and cassette sides.

When I do a certain workflow for mastering library music, I render “Whole Montage” and I’m able to freely mute and unmute files after the render starts and while it’s going, and that doesn’t cause any issues in the rendered files themselves. They render in whatever state there was at the time of hitting render.

It’s not really a problem, but it’s a change ! The result for me was half of my rendered files where muted.
The region rendering change the same way, don’t tell me that you don’t export cd tracks with metadata from montage in mastering process…
Again it’s not a problem, but it can be for people like me that use wavelab nearly everyday for twenty years and have strong habitude !
But adaptation is the master word, i will take care.

It would be a problem for me if what you say is true. A render’s processing should be set in stone to complete successfully using the settings in place at the time the render “start” button was pressed, no matter what you do after the render has started.

yes, it’s great that we can continue working while doing the rendering, with some restrictions of course with uad for example, but the process of rendering must be unaltered or cancelled in my opinion.
I rarely export clip because it freeze wavelab during the rendering and the only thing to do is wait.

I’ll do some testing today but I haven’t noticed a change from 9.5 to 10. After the render starts, I can mute stuff and start another render and all rendered files are as I would expect.

If there is a change from 9.5 to 10, it’s probably not intended but so far, I can’t find a way to recreate your issue here.

I just rendered 4 library tracks that are in the same place on the timeline, but only one is NOT muted. I render “Whole Montage” in this workflow.

As soon as the render for one version started, I could mute it and unmute the next version and start that render. All the resulting files are just as I would expect. I’m not able to produce a case where starting a render and then changing something in the montage ruins the render.

Let’s put some files on a track and do right things to have a montage ready burn on a cd. Put some plugins on the track that will make the rendering slow, adjust the render dialogue on 'all regions/cd track (the red one).
Then start the render, for me i f i mute the track before the end of the first track rendering, the second file is mute in the render, and the other after too. If i mute when the fourth is rendering, the fifth is mute.
You are doing parallel process for what i understand, my example is just extract files from a montage that everyone create before burning a cd, back to the basement of wavelab !

I am just not seeing a difference. If you are, I think some better examples are needed.

Attached are two screen shots, one is of my render settings. After the render started and during the rendering, I muted the audio track that all the clips are on. The resulting files were not muted. Not even the later ones that would have been rendered after I muted the track.

The 2nd screen shot shows the rendered files loaded back into a new montage.

I’m not saying there isn’t a problem, but I’m saying you may need to provide more clear info on how to reproduce the problem.

The same saved montage render without problem today ! Well, i know that the problem is always between chair and the table but this time i can’t see what was the mistake, doing the same montage render in WL9.5 and 10 is simple, check the render files is simple too.
And for two days it was like that. We are losing our time here, sorry.

Well, I have a few workflows where I mute or change things after the render starts which has never bene a problem, but you had me worried enough to double check so I don’t end up rendering bad files.

I can’t produce a problem.